Is it easier to get into medicine at the postgraduate level?

No, it’s not. If anything, postgraduate entry is much harder than high-school entry, for these reasons:

  • First of all, some universities don’t even offer postgraduate entry as an option—and out of the universities that do offer it, there are usually fewer places up for grabs compared to high-school entry (see this article), so the competition gets extremely intense. For example, Monash University usually offers around 200–250 places for undergraduate medical entry but only around 70–80 places for postgraduate medical entry.
  • Some universities require you to do specific undergraduate degrees to be eligible for postgraduate entry (e.g. Biomedical Science), and those degrees can be really challenging to even complete, let alone maintain a high GPA.
  • Instead of the UCAT, most postgraduate pathways require the GAMSAT, which is arguably much harder. Compared to the UCAT, which is a 2-hour exam that mainly assesses your logical reasoning, the GAMSAT is almost 5 hours longs and evaluates a broader range of skills and knowledge, including your grasp of scientific concepts, your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and your ability to effectively express ideas through writing.
For more information on postgraduate entry (also referred to as graduate pathways), check out this article.

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