As a NZ student, when and how do I apply to Australian medical/dental schools?

If you’re a New Zealand citizen and you want to apply for Australian medical/dental schools, you just need to follow the same process as Australian students, which usually means applying for up to five programs through the state-specific admissions center. For example, if you want to apply to Monash University in Victoria, you’ll need to apply through VTAC (the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) by their application deadline, which for 2022 entry is 30 September 2021.

When your results are released (e.g. January for NCEA, or mid January for CIE), you will need to submit them to the admissions centre so that they can process it and give you an ATAR score. (Refer to the this article for more information about how NZ marks are converted to Australian marks).

Also keep in mind as you’re applying that New Zealand citizens are considered domestic applicants, not international.

For 2022 entry, the deadline for most admissions centers is 30 September 2021—but having said this, you should definitely start much earlier than this (ideally around early August) and not leave it to the last minute in case it takes longer than you expect.

Depending on which university you’re planning to apply to, you may also need to apply directly to the university (refer to this article) and/or submit a written application (refer to this article), which will also take time and may follow different deadlines.
To learn more about how the application process works for a particular university, check out the key dates section.

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