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Getting accurate information about medical and dental entry can be a challenge. To make things simpler, we’ve put together all of the information that students need and made it available for FREE. Check it out below!

Entry Criteria for Medical and Dental Schools (Domestic)

A full list of direct-entry medical and dental programs in Australia and New Zealand, the basis on which they make interview offers and final course offers, and other important notes that students should know.

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Key Dates & Application Processes (Domestic)

The key dates and application processes that students need to be aware of, such as UCAT exam dates, deadlines for applying to each course, and dates for interview offers, interviews, and final course offers.

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Subject Prerequisites (Domestic)

An updated list of the high-school subjects that students must complete, and the minimum scores they must achieve, in order to apply to each direct-entry medical and dental program in Australia and New Zealand.

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